Summer is here and with the warmer weather comes a new set of challenges in the garden. Not only are we likely to spend much more time in the garden during summer, but it’s the time of year when we entertain friends and family. So, if you want your garden to be looking its best this summer keep reading to discover some simple gardening tips.

Gardening Tips This Summer

Look After Your Lawn – A well-manicured lawn can be difficult to achieve in summer. However, if you feed your lawn monthly and ensure it receives enough water, you will notice a big difference and avoid a brown, bare lawn. Another tip is to avoid cutting your lawn too short. Longer lawns suppress weeds and wear better.

Stay Cool – This applies to you and your garden! Complete heavy duty tasks in the morning (before 10 am) or in the afternoon (after 4 pm), to ensure you aren’t wasting your energy. Don’t forget a hat, protective clothing, sunscreen and bug spray as well! Watering should always take place during these same hours. Not only does this reduce the risk of mould, mildew and fungi, but it saves you money on your water bill. Don’t forget your potted plants which are particularly prone to overheating.

Nutrients Matter – If you have budding plants that drop their flowers, mulch and water them deeply once or twice weekly to limit the problem. Do you only have time to water occasionally? Try adding a soluble fertiliser to water to save time and correct deficiencies in your plants.

Landscaping and Lawn Mowing In Nowra

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