Mowing the lawn is a chore and many people put it off for as long as possible. The problem with long grass is that it is much harder to mow and causes more stress to your lawn. The key to keeping your lawn in good condition and making the job of mowing easier is getting into a regular routine. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you should mow your lawn, but a rough guide is:

  • Every 2 weeks in summer
  • Every 3-5 weeks in winter

In between the seasons, you’ll need to assess the height of your lawn and weigh it up against the look you want.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Once you know the golden rules of mowing, taking care of your lawn will become much easier.

  • Always mow at the cooler times of the day – morning or late afternoon – to avoid stress to your lawn.
  • Don’t let your catcher get completely full. Not only does this make your mower heavier to push, but it will also result in an uneven cut as your mower sinks down with the added weight.
  • Never water your lawn immediately before mowing. Wet grass can stick to your mower and also spread disease if you have any fungi or bacteria present in your grass.
  • Don’t cut your grass too short. It might seem like a good idea but your grass is likely to grow back faster and develop patchiness. Try to only take off ⅓ of the leaf length.
  • Service your mower regularly to ensure the blades are kept sharp and the engine is in good working order.

Lawn Mowing Services

If all that sounds like too much hard work call your local gardener for a free lawn mowing quote. We can set up a regular mowing schedule based on the needs of your lawn. Our professional team can also take care of all your other gardening needs including weeding, hedging, landscaping and spraying.