Autumn is one of the best times to garden. Thanks to milder temperatures, it is much more comfortable to spend time outside tending to your plants. If you’re considering doing some gardening work this time of the year, here are a few autumn gardening tips you should know.

1. Get Mulch For Your Garden

Mulch enables the soil to retain moisture, so you don’t have to water it as often as much. Mulch also helps prevent weeds and breaks the soil down by adding nutrients.

2. Fertilise Your Lawn

If you want your lawn to stay green and looking healthy throughout the year, be sure to fertilise it. Autumn is an excellent time for fertilising your lawn, providing it with an extra layer of protection for the upcoming winter months. For best results, experts recommend fertilising your lawn twice a year.

3. Prune Your Trees

One of the most important autumn gardening jobs is pruning your trees. Why, you ask? Pruning helps improve not only the appearance, but also the overall health of your trees. Pruning removes dead or dying branches and encourages fruit trees to bear fruits.

4. Plant Fruit-bearing Trees

Speaking of fruit-bearing trees, autumn is a great time to plant them. Australia’s climate is ideal for growing fruit-bearing trees. Just make sure they have plenty of sunlight, good drainage, and enough room to grow.

5. Use Dynamic Lifter

You can mix Dynamic Lifter into your garden bed before planting to promote the health of your plants. You can add Dynamic Lifter to the bottom of a hole or combine it with potting mix. It can also be used to create a nutritious foundation before laying new turf in your yard.

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